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Lincoln EMANCIPATOR / Gotham GAC-2111 KLEI Copper Harmony RCA Interconnect Cable

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checkbox Assembled in Illinois, USA

checkbox Gotham GAC-2111
checkbox KLEI Copper Harmony bullet plugs

    EMANCIPATOR Highest Quality Cable Assembly for RCA (phono plug) Interconnections 

    The Lincoln Emancipator frees the high-end audiophile from the trap of overpriced (and frequently under-performing) consumer products found in retail stores and on-line. We challenge you to compare their performance to the widely advertised products that sell for 3, 4 and even five times Emancipator’s price. Even the most demanding audiophiles will be impressed with their exceptional shielding, overall sonic quality and musicality. An extraordinary listening experience at a sensible cost.

    These cables feature a Gotham cable whose design was based on the legendary EMT 2111 cable, from the German manufacturer of EMT turntables. Their 927 and 930 turntables were the world’s highest performance studio and broadcast turntables from 1951 through 1971 and they continued to introduce remarkable and over-engineered turntables up through.1982. The 2111 cable dates back to
    the late 1960’s and has achieved a cult following among many audiophiles in recent years. Gotham's version of this compact (4.5mm outer diameter) and lightweight cable boasts an ultra-strong yet flexible PUR jacket, PE insulation for lower capacitance and Double Reussen Shielding.

    The “magic” comes when these cables are paired with the latest RCA connector design from Keith Louis Eichmann: his acclaimed KLEI Copper Harmony bullet plugs. The mating of the KLEI plug and Gotham’s GAC-2111 cable, along with highest quality German solder, creates something truly special. These assemblies are a unique design in all respects and they will amaze many with their performance. We challenge you to compare.

    Like all Lincoln Heritage Series Cable Assemblies these are fabricated in Illinois, “Land of Lincoln.”

    Brand: Lincoln


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