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Lincoln ILLINOIS POWER 015 UltraShield / Gotham 85015 Shielded IEC AC Power Cable

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checkbox Assembled in Illinois, USA
checkbox Reussen Shielded
checkbox Flexible Power Cable
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    Shielded Power Cable For Tube Amplifiers and Hi-Fi 

    Many audiophiles believe that specialized shielded power cables will deliver high current with low losses while reducing the potential pick-up of stray EMI/RFI and protecting nearby interconnect cables from hum and noise.

    IP 015 UltraShield  AC Power Cable Assemblies.

    • Gotham 85015 Reussen Shielded Flexible Power Cable
    • HiFi King CC-18 Connectors
    • Compact and flexible protection in lower power (up to 8 amps) applications.

    All Lincoln Heritage Series cable assemblies are fabricated in Illinois, USA, the “Land of Lincoln.”

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