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Lincoln LINKS (Bundle of 4) / Gotham GAC-1 Pancake Patch Cable

checkbox Assembled in Illinois, USA

checkbox Gotham GAC-1
checkbox Switchcraft 228s

    Premium Short Length, Double Shielded Unbalanced Interconnect Cable Assemblies

    Cable Bundle: qty of 4

    The short paths between stompboxes and effects devices require no less quality in cable than the longer runs between instruments and amplifiers. The requirements are simple: high flexibility, compact size, light weight, superior shielding and noise-free, transparent transport of the audio signal.

    LINCOLN LINKS are a dependable choice fabricated in the USA with high-reliability components. These flexible assemblies feature a select run of Gotham's GAC-1 cable along with sturdy, Switchcraft 228 pancake connectors. Gotham's renowned Double Reussen Shielding (two counterwound layers of hair thin copper wires) protects the 48 strand oxygen free copper conductor (24 AWG). 

    Hand soldered in Illinois, "The Land of Lincoln."

    Don't short-change quality on these short runs! Take the better path with Lincoln Links.

    Available Colors Include:

    • Fire Engine Red
    • Goldenrod Yellow
    • Deep Ocean Blue
    • Slate Grey

    Brand: Lincoln


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