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Lincoln SPRINGFIELD / Gotham DGS-1 Straight 1/4" Guitar & Instrument Cable

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checkbox Assembled in Illinois, USA

checkbox Gotham DGS-1
checkbox G&H copper tip 1/4" connectors
checkbox Lifetime Guarantee

    The Lincoln SPRINGFIELD instrument cables are a strictly limited edition, utility- grade cable assembly for musical instruments. Based on a super-flexible New Old Stock Gotham DGS-1 Cable manufactured in Austria, they offer an unusually high level of performance for an economy product.

    Fabricated in Illinois with sturdy American- made G&L copper tip 1/4" connectors.

    We found just a few runs of this New Old Stock cable buried in Gotham’s European warehouses.

    • Our favorite is a beautiful yellow cable which we prefer to call GOLDENROD after the flower that beautifies the Illinois prairies. There were just a few 100 meter rolls of this cable remaining.
    • We found a very small supply of New Old Stock in a subdued CARDINAL RED.
    • For those seeking something less flashy, we also have a good supply of New Old Stock in STOVEPIPE BLACK ( like Honest Abe's hat )

    An honest and dependable bargain. Put them to the test !

    All Lincoln Heritage Series cable assemblies are fabricated in Illinois, USA, the “Land of Lincoln.”

    Brand: Lincoln


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