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Malekko Ekko 616 MKII Lofi



The Legendary Lofi delay is back! Starting with the 616 MKII platform, we’ve “improved” this lofi edition a quantifiable 37% over the original! That’s huge! I mean, why would you want your delay to repeat the input accurately? How boring! Trust me, this pedal is incredible and that’s all there is to it! Don’t even bother reading the remaining blurb mocking the musical, rich, accurate, redesigned and overall fantastic description of the EKKO 616 MKII. Once you play this Frankenstein, you won’t care about luscious musical analog accuracy anymore…well, at least until someone helps you escape from this pedal’s mesmerizing and intoxicating beauty.

For years, Malekko has been synonymous with the best quality BBD delays available. Today the “evolution” continues with the LOFI EKKO 616 MKII delay, a full featured yet compact delay with external modulation controls, an optional buffer, internal level pot and 650ms of pure analog discordant, dissonant bliss!

Not content to leave well enough alone, we decided to go through every aspect of our acclaimed EKKO 616 to see how it could be improved upon by removing a BBD. Every detail was scrutinized, data sheets compared, parts swapped, and hours of listening followed before we were satisfactorily (dis)satisfied. These resulting hand picked components of the highest quality are used to achieve what we consider the nastiest sounding, most inaccurate, unmusical analog delay pedal we’ve made! Yet why does this LOFI sound so great? Oh yeah, the components…

The LOFI E616 MKII’s specially voiced repeats allow a larger bandwidth to pass than most traditional analog delays, and boy does it ever! Turn the mix pot all the way up and the repeats will be slightly louder than unity with the dry signal, if you can stand it. The regeneration pot will take you from a simple slapback to a nice gentle decay of a few repeats then all the way to taking off into outer space with just a turn of the pot, just in case you wanted to clear the room! Engage the modulation button and the LOFI EKKO 616 MKII takes on a whole new personality, from a subtle chorusing of a school of Manatees or the call of Godzilla to way WAY beyond (Omniverse?). Choose between true bypass or buffered bypass. The LOFI EKKO 616 MKII’s revised buffer circuit is smooth and transparent, even with many pedals on your board. Tired of annoying volume drops? An internal trimpot (labeled “gain”) will allow you to set the LOFI EKKO 616 MKII’s level to your specific setup.

The LOFI EKKO 616 MKII features these updates over the original LOFI 616:

  • The modulation range has been massaged to allow much finer tuning for a more balanced overall effect
  • The MIX pot now allows louder effect levels
  • Improved buffering circuit resulting in flat response and allows hotter inputs, which makes it great for keyboard or outboard use!
  • Redesigned protection circuit for enhanced component safety

These changes add up to a dirtier, stranger, uglier, more flexible and unmusical analog delay. Even the original LOFI EKKO 616 can appreciate that! AND at the same low price! Awesome!

At Malekko, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products. We enhanced our EKKO 616 using the highest quality components to provide you the ultimate expression of our vision, then removed some of them to create the LOFI EKKO 616 MKII. Enjoy. Well, I say, enjoy.


The bypass circuit is only active when the effect is off. Choosing buffered will light the LED; true is LED off.
If you have the buffered bypass circuit on and the LED goes out when you engage the effect, the pedal is working correctly.


(There is NO fidelity: this is intentional!)

We calibrated the LOFI 616 MKII to allow for longer delay times than the original 616. In THIS analog delay, its longest time settings result in lower fidelity and WILL generate odd sound artifacts.

WEIGHT.78 lbs
DIMENSIONS5.5 x 3.25 x 2.5 in

Current draw is 50mA and operates on a 9V battery or optional 9VDC neg tip regulated power supply.

Brand: Malekko Heavy Industry


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