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Matthews Effects Cosmonaut [ Used ]

This item was preloved, fully tested and guaranteed 100% functional.

Whats Changed?
The modulation now sits more in the wet feedback loop, the "Anomaly" control changes the speed and mix of the modulation and it now has increased "Travel" time. These changes make the modulation more distant and affect only the tail of the verb where as the V1 the modulation was feeding into the verb.

To reflect these new changes all future Cosmonauts will have their own new serial number string which makes the original's that more unique.

To celebrate this launch you can also order a limited color for the Cosmonaut! Silver Sparkle! Grab these now as they are limited and will be numbered uniquely.

Check out the new changes to The Cosmonaut!
View the new demo here:


The Cosmonaut

The Cosmonaut-Void Reverb will take you to new frontiers reshaping what you thought reverb could be. Allowing you to harness spacial anomalies to create new and interesting sounds. Play it mild or go full extreme its up to you comrade.
The mix can make it easy to loose yourself in the void of space. The Anomaly control lets you dial in modulated LFO into your wet signal path giving you spacious pitch bent layers. The Travel control lets you determine how far your signal travels before loosing transmission.
Run it as a straight reverb or dial some modulation in. Whats great about the Cosmonaut is you don't have to choose! You can set it two different ways and jump between the two with the alternate switch!

Controls are

  • Mix: The mix of wet
  • Anomaly: the mix of modulation
  • Travel: the decay of the reverb 


  • 9v 200ma
  • Top Hole Jacks
  • Soft Touch True Bypass
  • 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)

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