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The Drone Tone from Mattoverse Electronics is a surprisingly fun drone synth & guitar/bass pedal. 

When the pedal is engaged the guitar runs through a high impedance unity gain buffer and you are able to mix in a square wave tone.  This allows you to play along with the pulsing tunable square wave, set it at a constant toned for riffing over, or use standalone as the pedal also functions a drone even without a guitar or bass plugged in.

There are two modes:  Pulse, which provides a pitch and rate controllable pulsing square wave or Drone which provides a constant pitch controllable square wave.  The pitch in pulse mode can go slightly lower than in Drone mode.

Controls for Rate, Pitch, and Mix


  • True Bypass 
  • Heavy duty professionally powder coated and screen printed enclosure
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Power only (not included)


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