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McCaffrey Audio Green Vodka Muff



    At the heart of the pedal is a circuit that is close to the early 90’s Sovtek era green muffs. I tried to nail that Russian sweetness with some of my favorite mods…including my own custom mods…to make the hammer and sickle red with envy!


    • Neutrik Jacks
    • Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.
    • Transistor based fuzz with symmetrical clipping.
    • Sustain: Increases/decreases the amount of fuzz/drive/gain. This isn’t your ordinary muff clone. Try it in different positions to get everything from classic green muff sounds to modern chunk!
    • Tone: Controls the highs and lows of the pedal. Has a very wide sweep and works in conjunction with the Volume control.
    • Beef Switch: Two-way switch on the top left of the pedal. Right is the “stock” mode and left will allow you to cut through the mids even more.
    • Pass Switch: This is a three-way toggle switch that was conceived with the many mods that I used to do on Big Muffs that folks sent in looking for a high/low pass filter mod. Middle position is “stock” with no lows added. Left is some lows added and right is the most lows and bass response added to the signal.
    • Suggested Settings:

      Green Muff- Volume to 11:00, Sustain to 2:00, Tone to 1-2:00. Beef switch to left position and Pass switch to middle position.

      High Gain Green Machine- Volume to 10:00, Sustain to 5:00, Tone to 3:00, Beef to right and Pass to left.

      Over-Muff- Volume to 1:00, Sustain to 11:00, Tone to 2:00, Beef to left and Pass to right.

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