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McCaffrey Audio Zero To Sixty Drive



    The Zero To Sixty Drive is a combination of my favorite overdrive tones and features. I designed this pedal after building and modding numerous overdrive pedals. I tweaked this, tightened that, added this, dropped that and ended up here. I realized that I had multiple boutique overdrives and wanted an “all in one” pedal of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy this pedal and that it inspires you to play and have fun doing that!

    The beauty of this pedal lies in your guitar’s natural tone, playing style and setup. Tons of different tones in one box!


    • Neutrik Jacks
    • Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.
    • Single dual op-amp with symmetrical clipping.
    • Volume: Increases/decreases output volume of pedal.
    • Drive: Affects the amount of gain/drive of the pedal. Notice that your guitar tone is retained even with the gain set at max.
    • Tone: Controls the highs and lows of the pedal. Does not act like a “normal” tone control. It is more of a fine tune of the midrange frequencies.
    • Boost Switch: Two-way switch that allows you to add more bass response to desired taste.
    • Shift Switch: Three-way switch that selects stock symmetrical silicon clipping in the right position. Middle position is NO diodes, just pure op-amp drive (works great for pushing the front end of your amp or another pedal(s) in your chain). Left position is a magical mix of diodes in symmetrical clipping. Adds a slight increase in volume and a tad less compression than the right position.

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            Brand: McCaffrey Audio


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