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MOOG DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer



    DFAM is the first addition to the Mother-32 family of synthesizers and presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. It requires no patching, and absolutely no experience is needed for human-beings of any age to quickly begin synthesizing new and unique rhythmic compositions.

    Activated by an easy-to-use analog sequencer, DFAM’s emotive sound begins with a white noise generator and two wide-range analog oscillators - effortlessly transitioning between rhythmic pulsations, resounding bass and resonant bells in an instant. DFAM’s distinctive voice is then shaped by a classic Moog Ladder filter with two selectable modes: Low Pass mode imparts impact and dimension to each sound it touches, while High Pass mode opens the door to naturally expressive strikes, spikes and clangorous accentuations.

    DFAM behaves much like a living organism, reacting in different ways to different individuals. 3 dedicated analog envelopes work dynamically with the sequencer to ensure that tribal toms breathe, industrial impacts evolve, and cacophonous chaos can be spawned or subdued at the turn of a knob.Each DFAM ships with a package of Moog patch cables that unlock access to the 24-point modular patchbay. Use it to create new sounds or bizarre behaviors, synchronize an unlimited number of DFAM and Mother-32 units together, or fully integrate your analog instrument into a modular Eurorack production environment.

    Through exploration and experimentation, the vast potential of this expressive analog instrument is realized.


    • SOUND ENGINE / Analog

    • ANALOG SEQUENCER / 8-Steps With Pitch and Velocity Per-Step

    • SEQUENCER PANEL CONTROLS / Tempo, Run/Stop, Trigger, Advance

    • SOUND SOURCES / 2 Oscillators With Square and Triangle Waveforms, 1 White Noise Generator, 1 External Audio Input

    • FREQUENCY CONTROL / +/- 5 Octaves (10 Octave Range)

    • MIXER / Level controls for Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2 and White Noise/External Audio Input

    • FILTER / 20Hz-20KHz Switchable Low Pass / High Pass 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter

      Brand: Moog

      SKU: MOD-DFAM-01

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