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MOOG Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

$ 699.00

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    The Mother-32 is a distinctive analog instrument that brings raw sound, step-sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. This expansive live performance and production synthesizer is designed to provide experimental musicians and synthesists with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new ideas, unique sound and endless sonic exploration.

    Drive synchronized sound with Mother 32’s powerful step sequencer while utilizing its modular patchbay and assignable output to spawn a living, breathing organism with dynamic and modifiable sound processing. Patch multiple control and sound sources into Mother-32’s voltage controlled mixers and truly unlock the vast potential of this powerful instrument, or pull all of the patch cables, plug in a MIDI cable and simply drive your Mother-32 from any MIDI-equipped device.

    The Mother-32 is secured in an extruded aluminum enclosure with wood sides, but can also easily be relocated to almost any Eurorack enclosure.


    • SOUND ENGINE / Analog

    • POLYPHONY / Monophonic

    • KEYPAD / 13 Note

    • STEP SEQUENCER / 32-Step with 64 Sequence Locations, Keyboard and Step Edit Modes

    • SEQUENCER PANEL CONTROLS / Tempo, Swing, Run/Stop, Hold, and Reset

    • SOUND SOURCES / 1 Oscillator With Pulse and Saw Waveforms, 1 White Noise Generator, 1 External Audio Input

    • OSCILLATOR RANGE / 8Hz-8KHz (16KHz max with LFO/CV)

      Brand: Moog

      SKU: MOD-MOTHER-32-01

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