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Nanolog C4 Distortion


Explosive Tone

The C4 Distortion is designed to truly ignite the distortion potential of our carbon technology. The pedal features three different clipping options to allow the user to experiment with traditional distortion circuits, but also to experience the much broader and more explosive world of carbon clipping. The silicon position produces highly compressed and saturated tones, which can be useful in a variety of settings and recreated by almost any other distortion pedal in the market. The open setting uses no clipping component at all to produce a massive volume boost and staggering in-your-face distortion. The N2 setting is a Nanolog Device that uses carbon to creates new robust tones that have not been possible to create with either silicon or germanium diodes.

The C4 Distortion enters a new realm of crunch and drive. The carbon N2 setting pushes to a new class of clipping with its smoother current induction and warmer, more natural soundwaves. Silicon diodes in particular create harsh “tin-like” tones due to the frequency response in the high end. The carbon molecular junction housed in the C4 Distortion produces a fat, thick, and rich distortion that is full of detail and clarity. This is possible due to the Nanolog Device that is comprised of a layer of pure carbon molecules that is 8 nanometers thick, which is over 150 times thinner than the thickness of a dime. The C4 Distortion unlocks the power of carbon and quantum tunneling technology in an ultimate distorted setting.

Dynamic Range

Inside the pedal is an intense design that truly pushes the limits of current distortion technology. With a staggering amount of gain, this pedal is wired to blow with an explosive tone right out of the gate. The C4 Distortion features a two-way passive EQ band to ensure tonal flexibility and accuracy, true bypass to avoid any unnecessary coloring of tone, and volume and gain controls to dial in any or all distorted impact.

The C4 Distortion is a powerhouse distortion pedal that is fully loaded with gain and an unprecedented explosive carbon texture. Between the three clipping options and two way EQ, this pedal offers an immense dynamic range. It offers flexibility, precision, and a wider palette that exists with standard silicon and germanium driven pedals. The C4 Distortion pushes the limits of carbon clipping and explodes into a new world of power and distortion. Hold nothing back and unleash the elements with the C4 Distortion!


Controls the output volume of the pedal, and can be adjusted as needed. With gain at low settings, the volume can be used to boost the signal. As the gain increases, the overall apparent volume output will increase. The volume output will also depend on the clip toggle settings.

Controls the amount of distortion (hard clipping) applied to the signal. The amount of distortion generated will also depend on the clipping device (see below).

Turning this up (clockwise) will increase the high frequencies passing through the circuit (post clipping passive filter). As the gain is turned up, a lower treble setting can help to reduce harshness.

Turning this up (clockwise) will increase the low frequencies passing through the circuit (post clipping passive filter). At the lowest setting, the sound will be tight, but may lack warmth, especially with lower gain settings. 

Clip Toggles
Selects the device that is used to generate distortion. The Si (silicon), Open, and N2 (carbon) options provide a lot of flexibility in both the tone and feel of the pedal. Si will provide a crystalline and tight sound with a more sudden onset of clipping: this setting is useful for cutting through the mix, and will provide the most treble response and saturation - very useful for fast runs and high saturation levels. The Open (middle) setting has no clipping device at all, and provides for a very high volume output with a very harsh sound and less dynamics - this can be useful as a boost or when you need some “heft”. The N2 option is a 6 nm Nanolog Device and provides a nice amount of saturation, and more dynamics than Si, with a natural and high level of touch sensitivity. The carbon clipping device creates a warm and fluid distortion, which is suitable for complex chording or dynamic soloing.

Brand: Nanolog Audio


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