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Pettyjohn Core Series RAIL



    Super Fuzz & Distortion Guitar Pedal

    The first pedal in the new Pettyjohn Electronics Core Series, the RAIL is a true full range fuzz machine. In traditional Pettyjohn fashion, we have brought rigorous engineering, creative design and a passion for tone shaping to craft a versatile fuzz for everyone at unmatched value.

    The RAIL circuit takes a unique approach to generating fuzz which does not rely on clipping diodes or finicky vintage transistors. Instead, the pedal literally boosts the signal with extreme levels of gain into the voltage rails and hence the origin of the name ‘RAIL’.

    The RAIL features a simple but powerful four knob control set: Level, Gain, Lows and Highs. Explore each in detail below along with our Pettyjohn Custom Shop options only available from Pettyjohn online. Explore all that RAIL has to offer below.


    • Versatile, full range fuzz and distortion circuit with tones for everyone.
    • Unique 8-way rotary GAIN switch for higher gain.
    • Unique INFINITY gain setting featuring a musical gating effect and our highest gain fuzz.
    • Buffered Level control for no tone suck or loading with other pedals.
    • Re-designed LOWS circuit that sweeps from 30Hz to 1kHz before the GAIN stage, which interacts with the fuzz.
    • Re-designed sweepable HIGHS control, comes after the gain stage with a wide sweep from 22kHz down to 1 kHz, it can powerfully shape the harmonics content.
    • High headroom with internal doubling from 6v-18v power input drawing under 100mA.
    • Quiet bypass relay based true-bypass system for quiet switching.
    • Designed for guitars, bass and keys.
    • Hand made in Oregon, USA.
    • New enclosure by GORVA design.

    Pedal Specs

    All Core Series pedals are designed and hand assembled by our team in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.

    Dimensions: 2.5”W x 4.75”L x 2.5” H

    Weight: 1 lb

      Brand: Pettyjohn Electronics


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