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Red House Electronics Midnight Phaser

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    This is the latest model with updated color scheme.

    The Midnight is a phaser pedal that expands on traditional analog phaser design. By utilizing digital control, the Midnight offers five waveforms global to its two modes: tap and ramp. Tap mode offers tap tempo functionality with four available subdivisions. Ramp mode allows the user to set a slow and fast phasing speed and accelerate between the two, emulating a classic rotary speaker cabinet. All of this loaded into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure with standard: internal/external tap tempo control, true bypass soft touch switching, and top-mounted jacks. 


    • All-analog signal path
    • Two and four stage phasing modes
    • Vibrato and phaser mode
    • Five different tremolo waveforms
    • Tap phaser with four subdivisions
    • Ramp phasing that alternates between two speeds
    • Internal/external tap tempo and ramp control
    • True bypass soft touch switching
    • Top-mounted jacks

    Power: 9VDC center negative (not battery operable)

    Dimensions: 2.6''x4.77'' (W x L)

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