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°red sun fx Moon Boost 2016 Edition



    This MOSFET based transparent boost circuit will give you a maximum of 35dB output.
    Turn the knob fully counter-clockwise to get only a slight 3dB boost.
    This pedal has a flat, widerange frequency response and is suitable for both bass and guitar.
    Some say it makes their tone kind of 'sparkly', some love it as an 'always-on' buffer, others kick their crunchy amp tone with that little extra solo boost.
    The Moon Boost is a high quality product that won’t let you down on stage.
    All parts have been upgraded for this new 2016 batch.
    Also, the pedal now features an internal switch to turn it into a unity gain buffer.


    • selected audio grade MOSFET
    • circuit handwired on a special black circuit board (made in Europe)
    • US-made Switchcraft jacks wired with 22AWG vintage wire.
    • OMEG audio grade metal case potentiometers (high torque/set&forget)
    • professional grade footswitch (made in Japan by DeMont)
    • True bypass with white status LED
    • rugged black powdercoated Hammond enclosure
    • laser-etched faceplate
    • screen printed cloth bag included

    The pedal is powered environment & pedalboard-friendly by a 9V-Boss type jack.

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    Brand: °red sun fx


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