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The DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creator allows you to get sweet, natural feedback at any volume, with or without distortion. The FreqOut is perfect for situations where volume must be controlled like in the studio, with in ear monitors, or low-volume performance and practice. However, the FreqOut can also be used at gig volume to focus out-of-control feedback on a preferred harmonic at any stage position.


  • Natural Feedback at any level with or without distortion
  • Onset Delay and Level balance controls
  • 7 Harmonic Feedback types
  • Dry Defeat
  • Momentary/Latching modes
  • True Bypass

5.00 Average

1 Reviews


The Freq Out is a pretty cool little pedal. Construction is pretty sturdy and the controls are very simple. I really liked the "natural" setting over the others because it was, well, more natural sounding. You can sustain pretty much any note you want just be stepping on it. Sounds really good at the tail end of solos or even just little filler runs. Also if you turn off the dry signal you can achieve almost ebow-like sounds, which is very cool especially if used in a loop or a mix. The sub effect is also neat to get some almost bass synth sounds. It sounds good running through other pedals like a fuzz or overdrive too, just watch the volume or your ears will bleed. While it's not a pedal I'd use all of the time it is definitely fun in moderation, and a great pedal by the Digitech guys.

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