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The AD4096 mk2 is the most versatile analog delay pedal ever created.  It works with both instrument and line level applications, meaning you can use it for guitar, keyboards, and even pro-audio mixing.


Time - Up to 800ms of delay time
Mix - Fades between wet and dry signals
Loop - Gain of the signal exiting the pedal through the loop.  The loop allows you to place effects inside of the delay loop.  For example - insert a pitch shifter and you now have a pitch-shifting delay.
Depth - the amount of feedback in the delay line
Voice - fades from 100% "Delay" voice to 100% "Echo" voice.
Sonics - separate delay voice that adds even more harmonic glitter clouds to your delay through a secret process.

Rocker Switches:
Loop - Turns the loop on or off.
Filter* - Applies a high-pass filter to the signal as it enters the delay loop (not within the delay loop).  Perfect for cutting out the kick of a drum machine.  Dry signal is unaffected by the filter.
Infinity - Turns sound-on-sound infinitely sustaining delay mode on or off.
Solo - Solos the Sonics voice (i.e., cuts out the Delay/Echo voice).

Bypass - Buffered bypass switch.  The switch is buffered to allow delay tails and to prevent the dreaded true-bypass clicking.  The switch is also softer than a true-bypass switch and easier to engage/disengage.
Expand - Soft switch that increases Depth to 100% or to the level set by the Depth Expression pedal (see DIP switch below).

Input - Audio in
Output - Audio out
Mod Input - Modulates Time control for chorus/vibrato/phasing-type effects (modulation companion pedal coming soon)
Tempo Input - Accepts external tap-tempo and preset-recall control (tap tempo pedal coming soon)
Time Expression Pedal Input - control time remotely
Depth Expression Pedal Input - control depth remotely
Loop Out - delay loop out to external effects pedals
Loop In - delay loop in from external effects pedals

DIP Switches:
Input - Instrument/Line Level
Expand - Latching/Momentary
CV - Interrupting/Mixing
Tails - On/Off
Looper Mode - On/Off (Infinity mode still operates while bypassed)

Rectangular incandescent-looking white light that indicates on/off state as well as blinking the delay tempo

In this new version, the unique sound of the AD4096 found in its Delay and Echo paths has been condensed to one Voice knob that fades between the two sounds.  Added to its special sauce is the Sonics knob, which adds in even a newer type of harmonic glitter that is created in a novel proprietary way.

The new Mix knob allows you to fade between dry and wet signals - perfect for dialing in just the right amount of delay, or capturing the wet only sound for a mix buss.

The Loop function allows you to add effects inside the delay loop.  This means if you put a pitch shifter pedal inside the loop,  every time the repeat goes around the loop, it will be transposed again and again.  You can even add another AD4096 mk2 (or your old AD4096 mk1) inside the delay loop for a multi-tap delay sound.

Solo mode allows you to cut out the Delay/Echo voice and hear only the Sonics delay line - great for isolating the totally unique harmonic delay that is sure to set your tone miles apart!

The bypass switch is now buffered to allow for delay tails and looping, and to prevent true-bypass clicking.  The way the bypass switch works is programmed by two of the controls on the DIP switch on the back of the pedal.  The sound-on-sound Infinity Mode you know and love can now be used as a looper!

The Filter switch applies a fixed high pass filter to the incoming signal before it passes to the delay loop to cut out muddy bass frequencies.  You can use it to send an entire drum mix through the pedal and selectively cut out the kick and low frequencies of the toms so only the snares and cymbals echo - perfect for dub!  The dry signal is unaffected, so the kick stays nice and punchy.

Two expression pedal inputs are provided for the Time and Depth controls, allowing you to bring life to your performance, and do some really interesting things when in wet only mode and the loop engaged but disconnected, including real-time analog pitch bending that sounds like tape warble!  The Depth Expression pedal also sets the limit that the Expand switch will rise to, so you can dial in just the right amount of self-oscillating madness.

The DIP switch in the back of the pedal will also allow you to turn the Expand switch from momentary action to latching, meaning with the addition of an expression pedal for the Depth control, you'll be able to swap between two different delay depths without having to hold your foot down on the control.

The CV interrupting/mixing DIP switch will allow the Mod input to entirely control the Time parameter, or, when mixed, will be scaled by the Time knob.

An upcoming affordable companion pedal will allow you to store and recall tempos for the delay time through the tap tempo input.  You'll also be able to stay lock-step with your DAW at a precise BPM.  The tap tempo pedal will also have subdivisions and a few more awesome secret features!

Another companion pedal will allow you to modulate the Time Mod input to create vibrato, chorus, and phase-like effects.  This pedal will also sync to the above-mentioned tap tempo pedal, too, and will also interface perfectly with Spectravibe (see packaged deal).

To top it all off, this hand-made, through-hole component, all-analog pedal will have beautiful colored rocker switches and will be housed in a box designed by Endangered Audio Research and handmade locally in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  Also, the custom-molded unique rectangle light lens will pulse with the tempo of the delay with a specially-selected LED that looks like a soft white incandescent bulb.  Maybe now you can see why it was codenamed "Darth Delayder" before its release!

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