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The Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe is an all-analog multi-effect pedal that is about to become your pedalboard's new secret weapon. Based off the retired Gristleizer stompbox, the Spectravibe is a new evolution in modulation and distortion that is destined to become the pulsating heart of your rig.


  • Tremolo
  • Vibrato
  • Rotary Cab Simulator
  • FET Distortion/Overdrive
  • Compressor
  • Auto Wah & Parked Wah
  • 3 expression pedal inputs for Speed, Depth, & Bias
  • Auto Gain Compensation circuit for consistent output
  • DIP switch on back panel with 4 switches:
  • DIP Switch A: Instrument/Line Level - use Spectravibe with guitars and synthesizers or pro-audio gear
  • DIP Switch B: Modulation Interrupt/Mix - an external CV signal at the Modulation input will either interrupt the internal LFO or mix with it
  • DIP Switch C: Modulation Cut/External - pressing the modulation footswitch will either turn off the internal modulation or it will toggle between the internal and external modulation (if a CV is plugged into the Modulation input)
  • DIP Switch D: Momentary/Latching Modulation Footswitch - toggles between momentary and latching functionality for the Modulation footswitch
  • High quality metalphoto faceplate
  • Custom-bent and powder-coated aluminum enclosure made in Asheville, NC
  • Gray rocker switches for Waveform mode and Modulation mode
  • Quiet Electronic Bypass switching - no mechanical pops when bypassing
  • Bright Frensel lens that pulses with the LFO speed and acts as on/off indicator
  • 9V adapter with 18V electronics using a special internal voltage converter means more headroom and drive
  • Hand-soldered and assembled in Asheville, NC with through-hole components

In Trem mode, the Spectravibe acts like a tremolo and adjustable overdrive. Two wave shapes are provided: triangle and saw cover the most useful modulation needs. The frequency of the LFO ranges from 4 seconds to well into the audio band - much wider than any typical tremolo. Use the Depth knob to go from a slight warble to a total stutter, and use the Bias control to adjust the FET tube-style distortion. The Gain knob takes your tone from clean and subtle to in-your-face overdrive. In Trem mode, the Blend knob acts like an adjustable high-end air frequency booster. The two expression pedal controls for Speed and Depth allow you to keep in time with your band without having to reach down and fiddle with the knobs.

In Vibe mode, the Spectravibe is like vibrato or a Leslie simulator. The unique lush filter has an extended range that brings out the best of your bass, guitar, and keys. Use it on a send while mixing as a "secret weapon" EQ. Go from sweet and shimmery to a bubbly underwater sci-fi filter with the Depth knob, which controls the amount of frequency modulation. The Bias changes the filters center frequency and the Gain allows you to overdrive the filter. The Blend control will add back unfiltered signal that is essential for nailing a watery rotary speaker effect.

In both modes, you can bypass the internal LFO an inject your own modulation source. Use LFOs or envelopes from synthesizers for even more wild and unique effects.

The Spectravibe can be used purely as a versatile distortion box. Turning the Depth all the way down cuts off the modulation completely. The Bias, Gain, and Filter Mix can all be adjusted sans-tremolo for a wide palette of dirty tones. Add that to the high-level amp-driving output provided by the internal 18-volt circuitry, you can use the Level knob to rope in your guitar's preamp into your sound even more.

To use the Spectravibe as a Ring Modulator, set it to Trem mode and turn the frequency of the oscillator into the audio range. The Depth, Bias, Gain, and Blend knobs all interact in a way that make other Ring Mods seem stiff and unmusical. Plug in an expression pedal and you can control the pitch of the oscillator mid-solo. You can even use the Mod input to sync the Ring Mod with a synthesizer.

Great guitarists know about the parked wah tone trick - that is, using a wah-wah pedal as a band-selectable frequency controller. To do this with the Spectravibe, turn the Depth knob all the way down and sweep the Bias until you dial in the perfect tone. Turn the Blend knob all the way to the left to highlight the frequency band you want to boost. Once you've found it, start turning the Blend knob up to mix back in your original signal. Finally, use the Gain control to adjust the grittiness of the filter and the Level control for overall boost to get the perfect amount of bark. It's a tone tweaker's dream!

With Spectravibe's Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit, you can also use Spectravibe as a dirty, tone-filled compressor for both your guitar and pro-audio purposes.  This involves using the Modulation input to trigger the gain reduction of the VCA.  Talk about secret weapon compressor!  Smash your drum buss with Spectravibe!

The Spectravibe runs off a normal 9-volt DC pedal adapter, but the circuitry inside boosts the voltage to +/- 9 DC for a total 18 volts. This is big: no special, expensive, and bulky adapters to keep track of, tons of headroom, and lots of gain. In fact, the Spectravibe has so much gain that you can use it as an interface between your guitar and a modular synthesizer. The switching supply Endangered Audio Research custom-designed for this pedal produces no audible whine that you'd find in cheap adapters. This means you can use any standard tip negative 9 volt supply!

With the versatility and analog tone this pedal provides, the Spectravibe will become the single most important pedal on your board - so important that you'll probably want two!

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