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This kit includes everything needed to get started.

  • Cables: 3 x 12" & 2 x 24" Lincoln Heritage Series patch cables included
  • Power Supply: included

The Bass Interfacer is everything you need to run independent, mutable, clean and effects lines.  With a footprint no bigger than a standard Boss® pedal, it offers unparalleled control in an easy to use, streamlined package.

Run two separate lines, or sum them together.  The choice is yours.

Why should you split your Bass signal into two lines?  Well, to put it simply, effects like overdrive and fuzz will cut all the bottom end out of your tone, ruining what the bass is all about.  Being able to have the full spectrum of your clean running in parallel with your effected signal gives you the texture of the overdrive or fuzz while still retaining the bottom end you you’ve worked so hard to get.  Run them down one line in parallel, or two independent (Clean and FX) lines.

Two Mutes
The Bass Interfacer comes with a Clean Mute and an FX Mute which correspond to your clean return and FX return jacks.

  1. Clean Mute – This foot switch will mute or un mute whatever effects you have placed in the clean send and return of The Bass Interfacer. This allows you to run only the pedals in your FX send and return or hit both footswitches to use as a master mute.
  2. FX Mute – This footswitch will mute or un mute whatever effects you have placed in the FX send and return of The Bass Interfacer. This allows you to run only the pedals in your Clean send and return or hit both foot switches to use as a master mute.

Bass Summing
The Bass Interfacer comes with summing. This allows you to take both your FX line and your Clean line and send them to the clean output. The best part about summing on The Bass Interfacer is you still maintain individual control over the Clean and the FX lines. Mute Clean or FX individually, keep them both on or both off. Its up to you!

The Bass Interfacer comes with a buffered input.  This means before your bass sees the first pedal on your board you are sending a high impedance signal to your pedals, preserving your tone.  The Bass Interfacer also comes with an always on tuner out. 

Parallel Effects
Series pedal boards (running one effect into another until you hit your amp/DI) are straight forward and easy to setup. The downside when it comes to bass is fuzz and overdrives can cut your low end.

The Bass Interfacer solves this problem by layering your overdrive/fuzz effects in parallel with your clean effects. This means that the fuzz pedals and overdrives that have cut your low end in the past don’t affect your foundational clean tone. Now you can have a solid low end (Clean line) and textured harmonics (FX line) on the same board.

You can also decide if your bass feeds both the clean line and fx line OR, via internal DIP switches, if the clean line feeds the FX line.  In both instances your two lines are always in parallel. 

Phase Correction
Whenever you use more than one amp or DI you need to make sure they are in phase with each other. Certain effects will invert phase 180 degrees. If two or more lines are not in phase with each other they will start to cancel each other out. This is most noticeable in the low-end frequencies. Now you can put your clean effects and overdrive effects back in phase with each other and keep your bass tone intact. 

IMPORTANT – Use only 9vDC centre negative plugs to power! Current draw – 150mA.
Dimensions – 115mm L x 75mm W x 67mm H (including all jacks, switches and push buttons).

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