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Rent JHS Boss TR-2 Versa-Trem Mod

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There’s nothing cooler than the sound of an old blackface Fender amp with the tremolo pulsing in beat. We turn this standard mass produced trem into a vintage tone monster that will have people looking for that 65 Deluxe Reverb.

The result of our Versa mod will give you the body and character that a quality tremolo should have as well as some other options that we’re pretty pleased with. The stock TR-2 also suffers from a volume loss when engaged.  We fix that by adding an external volume knob so you can put it anywhere you want according to taste. If you turn the depth to zero, you can use our Versa Trem as a clean boost to push your tube amp or as a lead boost! We also expand the depth and speed range of the pedal for everything from vintage to modern tones. Believe it or not, it can even nail a good Vox tremolo sound as well with the use of the wave knob.

For a trem that does it all, get the Versa.


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