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Have you ever heard songs like the Beatles "Revolution", or Motown classics like Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, or even the modern Radiohead's "Bodysnatchers" and thought, "How are they getting that guitar sound?"  Well, the answer is sort of clothed in obscurity, but it's actually created by the simplest practical application......plugging a guitar directly into a vintage studio console and recording "direct in."

The JHS Pedals Colour Box is designed and created to allow you to recreate these guitar tones with your live rig, or in a studio environment by using 100% analog circuitry true to the design and schematic of vintage Neve* circuitry.

The Colour Box is completely free from any digital modeling. Never before have "direct in" tones been available from your guitar amp in the way that the Colour Box delivers them. Aside from creating these "direct in" tones, the Colour Box covers all the ground that you would expect a high quality studio preamp to cover. From your microphone, bass, keyboard, or even your acoustic guitar, it does it all.

The Colour Box runs on 18v DC negative center power. 

Phantom Power
The Colour Box does not supply phantom power so you will need to purchase one of these quality phantom power supplies to run in line with your Colour Box if you intend to use a phantom powered microphone or other device.

Never before has a guitar pedal crossed into this territory to bring the tones of pro audio to your pedal board.


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