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Malekko has completed their collaboration with Justin Meldal-Johnsen with the release of the Diabolik fuzz pedal. The Diabolik features a preset harmonic spectrum setting allowing crisp octave overtones and a very aggressive tone setting. Working with Justin, Malekko tuned the low frequency to allow more low end to pass through both the Clean and Fuzz channels for ferocious bass distortion and octave control. It can be effectively used on bass or guitar. Guitarists will appreciate its clean boost functions with added fuzz and may enjoy stacking it with other drive sources for all-new fuzz distortion sounds. Very heavy!


  • FUZZ - Turn this knob clockwise to set your fuzz volume.
  • CLEAN - Adjusts the output level of your dry signal.
  • SQUISH - Changes the character of the fuzz. A low setting (counterclockwise) will give the fuzz a fast attack. A high setting will allow the effect to slowly swell open into a glorious fuzz roar! The interplay of Squish setting and input allows the fuzz to react musically to your performance: single coil, humbuckers, high gain or low gain all change the response and color of the fuzz.

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