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Roland JC-120-50A Jazz Chorus Amplifier Roland 50th Anniversary



This is a pre-order and expected to ship January 2023.

JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

A Special Version of a Very Special Amp

To express our gratitude to all the loyal Roland customers throughout the world, we’re pleased to present the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, a special collector’s version of the classic JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier.
A true legend in music history, the JC-120 has been in continuous production since 1975 and is Roland’s longest-running product. Offering the inspiring “JC clean” tone and immersive stereo chorus of the standard model, this special release features a natural cherry wood finish, dark-gray grille cloth material, and a commemorative badge with a hand-engraved serial number.

Only 350 of these special amplifiers will be produced, so reserve yours today!

  • Special collector’s edition JC-120 Jazz Chorus to celebrate Roland’s 50th anniversary
  • Natural cherry wood veneer with a deep burgundy open-pore finish
  • Commemorative 50th-anniversary badge with a hand-engraved serial number
  • Only 350 amplifiers available worldwide

JC-120: The Benchmark Clean Guitar Amp

Affectionately known as “the king of clean,” the JC-120 has been a stage and studio mainstay for nearly five decades. Trendsetting guitarists such as Andy Summers, Jeff Baxter, Johnny Marr, Adrian Belew, and Billy Duffy—to name just a few—have used the amp on the most influential songs in music history. And when producers like Steve Levine, Gil Norton, and others look to drive tracks with killer clean tones, the JC-120 is always the top choice.

Dimensional Space Chorus

The standout feature of the JC-120 is its lush “Dimensional Space Chorus,” delivered in true stereo through dual 12-inch speakers. This stunning analog effect provides a playing experience like no other amp, instantly making the sound wider, deeper, and more alive. Soon after the JC-120’s release, the effect was ported to the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, the first in a long line of CE series pedals to come.

Exceptional Versatility

While the JC-120’s distinctively warm and punchy voice is unmatched for clean guitar tones, it’s also a great pedal platform that brings the best out of your favorite effects. The flagship JC-120 remains at the top of the Jazz Chorus family tree, which also includes the mid-size JC-40 and ultra-compact JC-22.

Premium Cherry Wood Finish

Japan is famous for cherry blossoms, and we’ve infused our national heritage into the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition with an attractive cherry wood veneer. The natural open-pore finish offers a silky, organic feel, while the deep burgundy color has been carefully matched to the distinctive fiber panels that protect the edges. With its finely crafted details, this special amp looks almost too good to play. Almost.

Only 350 Available Worldwide

Offered in a one-time production run, the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is destined to become a collector’s centerpiece. Just 350 amplifiers will be distributed worldwide, each with an individually numbered badge on the grille. Clear a space in your home or studio and reserve yours now—but be quick, as ordering is on a first-come, first-served basis.


            Brand: Roland

            SKU: ROLAND-JC-120-50A

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