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Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact


A powerful analog filtering and distortion unit that features all the mojo that made the original a classic, but in a more compact portable footprint.  This makes the Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact a perfect solution tight spaces and touring musicians.

Featuring independent low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass filters with dedicated ADSR and frequency controls, resonance, FM, and even a ring modulator input! In addition there's a six-octave switch, noise generator, and a VCA overdrive with dedicated AR generator.


  • Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with resonance, frequency and bipolar ADSR controls
  • INPUTS 1/4" mono input
  • OUTPUTS 1/4" mono MAIN OUT and 1/4" mono OUT 1
  • CONTROL INPUTS FM in (works with audio or CV signals), ADSR envelope trigger input, AR envelope trigger input, Footswitch input for bypass/effect switching, ADSR envelope output, MIDI in, out, 3 × thru
  • POWER ADAPTOR Included
  • UNIQUE FEATURES Dual filters can be used in series or parallel, Second filter has a 6-octave switch for harmonic sync with first filter, ADSR generator for filters, VCA overdrive with separate AR generator

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