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Sixty Four Pixels BANANA SPLIT 6 Way Midi Splitter/Thru Box


6 Way Midi Splitter/Thru Box

Sending MIDI to multiple devices should be simple! A thru-chain can add latency and you can’t easily swap devices about during a performance, but a MIDI interface with multiple outputs can be expensive.

BANANA SPLIT is a simple, compact and cost effective solution for splitting a single MIDI input to six parallel MIDI outputs which can be “hot swapped” without impacting each other and offers near-zero latency on the MIDI signal.

The MIDI input is optically isolated, per MIDI-spec and each output is electrically buffered and protected with current limiting resistors.

This latest version of BANANA SPLIT can supply power to “bus powered” MIDI devices (on earlier versions a mod was necessary)

BANANA SPLIT includes a Beat LED which blinks with the MIDI clock. This provides both an indication that a MIDI clock is present and a “visual metronome” (which is always useful!)

MIDI IN connection can be made via a 3.5mm stereo jack socket as an alternative to the 5-pin MIDI input (do not try to use both inputs at the same time!). It works with a MIDI jack connections that use a “hot tip” (Novation, Arturia and others) – just use a stereo 3.5mm jack to jack cable connect up. Unfortunately Korg do not follow this standard, but you can use a lead which crosses over tip and ring, or just use the 5 pin socket to receive MIDI from Korg gear. All MIDI OUTs are 5-pin sockets.

BANANA SPLIT arrives fully assembled and tested. No assembly is required

The enclosure is laser-cut from 3mm translucent black acrylic sheet with yellow/black laser-engraved acrylic laminate face plate and frosted black acrylic end pieces.

Power is via a 2.1mm barrel connector as used on most “wall wart” type adaptors and standard on most stomp-boxes. An on-board diode bridge and voltage regulator mean that it will work with center positive or negative supply, and at any input voltage from 9-12V. Power supply not included!

Integral LED’s indicate power supply, clock beat and activity on the MIDI input socket. Add to this the 5-Pin MIDI sockets for input and six outputs and that’s pretty much it… It does what it says on the skin!

Size is 175mm x 55mm x 28mm Weight is approx 170g

All connections are via the front panel and can be accessed when the device is held (for example) in flight case foam or inset into a panel in a studio.

Designed and hand assembled in Brighton, UK

      Brand: Sixty Four Pixels


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