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Spaceman Ixion optical compressor silver

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color: Silver

The Ixion is an optical photocell based compressor with a smooth fat tone and a number of interesting and exploratory features. The controls of the Ixion are simple to use, and can yield fantastic tones in nearly any position! Thoughtful tonal and dynamic options easily adapt the Ixion to any number of instruments and playing styles and use of the flexible sidechain offers a unique avenue for sonic experimentation.

LEVEL - Controls the make-up gain to compensate for the compression. Plenty available for signal matching, boosting, or driving your amp.

THRESH – Controls the amount of signal going into the sidechain. This determines at what level the compression kicks in. When set to maximum, gain is reduced at a 6:1 ratio.

MIX – Goes from 95% dry to 95% wet. Counterclockwise for more dry, clockwise for more effected signal. Particularly useful for parallel compression techniques, and retaining the inherent transient response of your instrument.

CONTOUR – Blends from a custom designed A-weighted equal loudness filter in the counterclockwise direction, to flat in the clockwise direction. A completely unique way to maintain low frequency integrity with truly bottomless bass at its extreme.

TREBLE – Finely tweak the top end of your tone. Warm and thick when counterclockwise. Neutral when the control is in the middle. Top boosted when turned clockwise.

SIDECHAIN – Sleeve-GND. Ring-SEND. Tip-RETURN. You may use a simple TS (mono) cable to send an independent audio signal to the sidechain to control compression. Additionally you could use a TRS (stereo) volume or expression pedal to control compression dynamically. Using a TRS to dual TS stereo breakout cable you may run separate pedals into the sidechain like an effects loop. Simply plug the ring TS adapter into the input of your pedal or chain and the tip TS adapter into the output of your pedal or chain. The sidechain is placed between the CONTOUR and THRESH controls, which make for easy control of external signals. Tons of bizarre and esoteric volume manipulations await!

The Ixion requires external power of 9-18V DC , negative center via the 2.1mm jack. The Ixion has a high 500K ohm input impedance and a maximum current draw of 32mA when the effect is engaged. Please contact Spaceman if you are unsure about your DC adapter.

Brand: Spaceman


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