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Stomp Audio Labs Cash Dynamic Overdrive [DEMO]

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    The Cash is a dynamic overdrive. Its weight depends on the weight of your hand. So, the harder you strike, the heavier the drive gets. Also, its filter is very versatile, it goes from a beautiful full-bodied bass to a knife sharp treble.


    The Cash is our dynamic overdrive. Out of our first pedals this golden nugget was the one we spent the most time developing. Each circuit detail went through a load of tests until we reached the perfect tone of the overdrive of our dreams. We wanted a pedal that respected each one’s way of playing, and for that, we focused on the most important feature from the great tube amps: the dynamic.

    When we say that the Cash is a dynamic overdrive, what we mean is that it isn’t like most common overdrives, usually based around the classic Tube Screamer. Just like tube amplifiers, the Cash responds to the aggressiveness you apply. If you play it gently, it makes a slight overdrive. The heavier you play, more drive you get. The way you play really influences the pedal’s behavior.

    Its gain goes from zero, passing through a subtle overdrive of a tubed combo until a saturation that resembles a light fuzz. Its filter is very practical: at zero it increases the basses without disturbing the trebles, and at its max, it makes the trebles shine, without harming the basses. The Cash also has a very high output level that can give a hard push to any tube amp’s saturation, or an extra gas during a particular solo.

    The Cash is an extremely transparent pedal. Unlike other overdrives, he respects the natural tone of your guitar. It works perfectly with single coils, generating a full-bodied bass without compromising the tone of the guitar. In humbuckers and other hotter pickups, its dynamic effect is even more evident, especially when combined with the volume control on your guitar.

    Additional Information

    Weight: 270 g
    Dimensions: 13 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm


    Brand: Stomp Audio Labs


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