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Stomp Audio Labs Juice



    The Juice increases the volume, providing up to 20 dB of clean boost with a MoSFET Class A circuit. It has a three position filter: it can boost only the basses, only the trebles or all frequencies. It has enough power to push whatever comes after it.


    The Juice is our clean booster. It increases the volume, providing up to 20 dB of clean gain. It alone does not distort, but it gives a staggering volume gain capable of saturating… well, anything you put after it.

    It is a MoSFET class A amplifier, provides an injection of volume, body or brightness — as you please. This happens inside its specially designed filter, allowing three different configurations in a single switch. Therefore, it has actually three functions: A Bass Booster, producing a full-bodied sound, a Treble Booster, bringing brightness during solos, and at the center position, a Clean Booster, which increases the volume all frequencies.

    The Juice’s power lies in its simplicity. It works well anywhere, either before or after your pedals, and in front of any amplifier. Put it before a distortion, overdrive or fuzz, and it will increase the gain of the effect. If you put it afterwards, it increases the volume. Depending on the volume, it will push the signal until it distorts your amplifier — the natural saturation of a good tube amp is one of the most alluring distortions that exist.

    It’s worth mentioning that with the pedal on, the filters operate independently of the boost. That is, with the volume at zero, the Juice can also be a serious bass or treble filter, becoming a fine ingredient to the mix with other pedals, to reach that unique tone that you wanted so bad.

    Additional Information

    Weight 270 g
    Dimensions 13 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm

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