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Tefi Vintage Lab Golden Era real-time lo-fi machine


    1876: Thomas Alva Edison presents the first phonograph on wax cylinder. 1887: Emile Berliner presents the gramophone on shellac disk. 1963: Philips introduces the Compact Cassette which, together with the 1969 MicroCassette, made it universally easy to capture sound events with a miniaturized, lightweight device. It took decades of research before every analog medium achieved excellent audio performance. Before then, every audio recorder had some peculiarities that marked an era: from the "mechanical" response full of noise and scratch of the first phonographs, to the low bandwidth available and with a nasal and floating voice of Compact Cassettes, especially if recorded / listened by cheap or worn devices. Golden Era was created to faithfully reproduce the "non fidelity" of these audio recorders at the time of their introduction, taking you to other eras of analog audio recording: the Golden Eras.


    Golden Era was born from an idea of ​​James Edward Bagshaw, bandleader of Temples, transformed into reality by TEFI vintage lab. James always loved the character of vintage recordings and dreamt of a pedal that could create this in real time. The Golden Era pedal morphs sound into a bygone era; an era of analogue recording, where unintentional peculiarities and imperfect machines created mesmerizing, unique sound palettes. The Golden Era will turn any sound coming from a guitar, synthesizer or modern recording in a analog-voiced record. Press the footswitch and enjoy your journey through the ages.

    Technical Spec

    Input impedance 400 kohm
    Output impedance 560 ohm
    Lo Cut 100 Hz
    Filter Range 1.5-3.5 kHz
    Signal switching True-bypass
    Supply voltage/Current absorption 9VDC/20mA
    Power connection/ground type Negative tip/negative ground, Tip 2.1mm
    Enclosure material Hammond enclosure, aluminium die-cast
    External pedal for "Warped Sound" SPEED control Any expression pedal with 50-100 kOhm potentiometer, using voltage divider connection (stero cable). Suggested pedals: Korg EXP2, Yamaha FC7

    Brand: Tefi Vintage Lab


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