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Tefi Vintage Lab Joe Buffer buffer & splitter


In spite of appearance gentle and relaxed, the old man Joe Buffer is a tireless worker who knows how to perform crucial tasks without bothering anyone. Joe Buffer is a buffer made with discrete components in Class-A, with double output to carry out the function of splitter. We thought about something pocket-sized, simple and effective with minimal components: no footswitches to avoid further parasitic capacitance induced by the contacts with a limited consumption also be used extensively with the internal battery. The principle of the buffer is to obtain a very high input impedance and a very low output impedance, without affect the signal with additional harmonics, pulling out the original tone of the instrument.


It can be placed anywhere in the effects chain, according to needs:

  •  At the beginning of the effect chain, to prevent degradation in the signal path caused by long connection cables between the guitar and effects chain effects or amplifier.
  •  At the end of the chain or before amps and effects with low input impedance, such as vintage effects like the Binson Echorec (the input impedance of a Binson Echorec is 47kohm, the correct loading impedance of a guitar or passive bass is generally more than 500kohm), or in many vintage amplifiers. Joe Buffer is essential in direct recording of the instrument; use it before audio interfaces or mixing consoles (generally 10kohm standard line input impedance) to prevent signal loss and frequency cut. Thanks to its high input impedance and wideband response, Joe Buffer eliminates any attenuation or degradation of the guitar’s harmonic contents caused by mismatched impedance adapting.
  •  As a signal splitter, to drive without signal quality loss two amplifiers/effects chain at the same time, or to connect a guitar tuner not equipped with True Bypass signal switching.

Technical Spec:

Input impedance 1.3 MOhm
Output impedance OUT1 220 Ohm
Input impedance OUT2 220 Ohm
Min load impedance capable to drive with attenuation < 1dB 5 kOhm
Signal switching No footswitch
Supply voltage/Current absorption 9VDC/4mA
Power connection/ground type Negative tip/negative ground
Battery supply +9V (6LF22)
Enclosure material Hammond enclosure, die-cast aluminium

Brand: Tefi Vintage Lab


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