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Two Notes Torpedo CAPTOR X SE | Special Edition 8 Ohm loadbox, attenuator, speaker sim, DI


Special Edition 8 Ohm loadbox, attenuator, speaker sim, DI

Geared Up for Vintage Sonics

Special Edition Compact Reactive Load Box (8 Ohm), Attenuator, DynIR™ Engine, IR Loader & Stereo Expander

Sporting a limited-run vintage-inspired colorway, alongside an all-new Anniversary Edition DynIR™ cabinet collection*, Captor X SE represents the culmination of Two notes’ 15-years stint pioneering modern loadbox technology. “Feature-packed” doesn't cut it. It’s a compact reactive load box. It’s a tube amp attenuator. It’s a mic-ed cab simulator. It’s a static IR loader. It’s a stereo expander. It’s packed with a raft of studio-grade Post FX to tweak your tone to perfection. Expertly engineered to deliver stand-out sonics for home, live and studio use, Captor X SE is the undisputed ‘player’s choice’, empowering you with every tool to define - and redefine - your sonic signature.

* Available upon product registration 

Go Direct

It’s a stone-hard fact: Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered the digital load box. Driven by an unwavering mantra to simplify modern rigs and empower players to experience their tube amp at its absolute pinnacle, today tens-of-thousands of players rely on Two notes’ direct solutions as the beating heart of their backline. Whether it’s lifting heavy cabinets, impractical recording scenarios, inconsistent sound or stage volume issues, Torpedo Captor X SE is the undisputed cureall, engineered to take your amplifier’s tone direct to a PA and/or audio interface without compromise.

Locked, Loaded & Ready For Anything!

Torpedo Captor X SE isn't your run-of-the-mill loadbox, it’s a sonic swiss-army-knife engineered to deliver on any mandate. First and foremost, crank your tube amp and experience total command of your partner cab’s volume courtesy of a built-in 3-step attenuator. Better yet, lose the cab completely and let our premier reactive load and DynIR™ Engine do the heavy lifting - it’s everything you need for a convenient silent stage or fuss-free recording rig. Looking to dime your poweramp, but don’t want to wake the neighbours? No sweat, enjoy your 100-watt rig in silence courtesy of Captor X SE’s immersive headphone experience. For expert level tone tweaking, there’s even a suite of essential DSP-powered Post FX alongside quick-access VOICE & SPACE hardware controls, all engineered to nail your perfect tone in a flash.

Torpedo Remote Ready

Pair Captor X SE with your phone, tablet or computer to get tactile with your tone courtesy of Torpedo Remote. Dive headfirst into 32 expertly-curated DynIR™ virtual cabinets, complete with 8 microphones per cabinet and 13 studio-grade room sims. Lock-in 128 Presets and plumb your A-list into the 6 quick-access slots - all accessible via the conveniently-located PRESET hardware encoder. For expert-level tweak-ability, get AAA access to every editable parameter in Captor X SE’s DSP architecture, all front-and-centre and ready-to-rip on your device of choice. No other compact reactive amp attenuator offers such intuitive and totalitarian control of the mic-ing and post FX signal chain.

Discover DynIR™

Experience best-in-class cabinet emulation with Captor X SE’s on-board DynIR™ Engine. Conquering the dividing line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, DynIR™ represents the pinnacle in virtual guitar- and bass-cabinet technology. Harnessing power equivalent to 160,000 studio-grade IR files, each Two notes DynIR™ can be shaped to the needs of even the most discerning tone chaser. With 8 mics per cabinet, dual mic-ing and 10K mic positions (front & back), unleashing your tone and finding your signature sound has never been simpler.

Rethink You Rig in Stereo!

Seeking a radical stereo makeover? Meet Captor X SE’s TWIN TRACKER - a cutting-edge stereo double tracking wunderkind. Simply fire-it-up to route your mono amp sound to the left XLR output, all whilst our DSP creates a proxy - or ‘Virtual Guitarist’ - on the right channel in real-time. 

Reverb, Redefined

From subtle studio acoustics to cavernous chambers for lush ambient soundscapes, Captor X SE’s studio-grade DSP-powered REVERB is a one-stop-shop. Featuring a proprietary low-latency algorithm, 12 quick-to-configure room emulations and a full-featured ‘Custom’ mode, all bases are well-and-truly covered when it comes to honing your trademark verb.

Tone Enhancement 

We get it: when it comes to tone, primo dynamic- and tone-shaping tools are a certified must-have. That’s why Captor X SE includes a DSP-powered ENHANCER, complete with ‘Thickness’ and ‘Brilliance’ controls to emphasise the low- and high-end sonic content of your DI signal respectively. Add to this a super-handy ‘Body’ encoder - to dial in a fuller, more present tone - and all rudiments are well-and-truly set to push meteoric sonics whatever your next performance demands.

Get Surgical With Your Tone

Every player knows, the right EQ is paramount to making the tone in your head a reality. Enter Captor X SE’s studio-grade semi-parametric multi-mode EQ. Specified with the modern player in mind, it’s been engineered to root your focus on dialling in the perfect tone quickly so you spend less time tweaking and more time on what really matters - playing. 

Two XLR Outputs, Three Possibilities

Make any performance or recording scenario a breeze with Captor X SE’s DUAL MONO routing facilities. Whether it’s applying distinctly different EQ and REVERB settings to each XLR output, or capturing your DynIR™ cab sim and dry amp signal independently, Captor X SE’s myriad of customisable smart routing options make assimilation into any rig a snap. 

Anniversary Edition Cabinet Collection 

Out-the-box, Captor X SE comes pre-loaded with a first-rate collection of 32 expertly curated vintage-inspired DynIR™ virtual cabinets from the likes of Two notes, Hop Pole, Black Bear, Diffusion Audio and Mirador. If that wasn't enough, simply register Captor X SE and we’ll drop an additional 10 cabinets from the new-for-2023 Anniversary Edition Cabinet Collection onto your licence. Captured at Mirador Studios - all under the watchful eye of Two notes Audio Engineering - the Anniversary Edition Cabinet Collection has been engineered to deliver pinnacle in mojo-fuelled sonics from a selection of hard-to-come-by cabinets, primed for everything from raunch-filled means to vibey cleans.

Pete Thorn | Captor X SE Preset Assemblage 

Seeking the perfect jump-off into Two notes class-leading Ecosystem? Pete Thorn’s exclusive Captor X SE presets are a first - and final - destination. Whether you’re a DynIR™  veteran or a newcomer to the world of DSP-powered reactive-load solutions, Pete’s vibey arsenal of 20 presets are a sure-fire guarantee to hit-the-ground-running from the get-go with bonafide Grade-A sonics.

Captor X SE Key Features 

  • Special Edition Compact Reactive Load Box (8Ω, 100-watt RMS) with built-in Tube Amp Attenuator: Home (-38dB), Club (-20dB), Stadium (0db)
  • Powered by DynIR™ technology for DSP powered Dual-miked Virtual Cabinets; Dual static IR Loader with 512 memory slots for custom IR files
  • Pre-loaded with 32 DynIR™ virtual cabinets; 10 additional DynIR™ virtual cabinets from the Anniversary Edition DynIR Cabinet Collection available upon product registration 
  • 128 preset locations; Instantly select your favorite preset from 6 user-configured slots directly from the front panel
  • Includes 20 exclusive presets from tone connoisseur Pete Thorn, downloadable upon product registration
  • Choose from 8 microphones per cabinet and 12 studio-grade room simulations
  • USB / MIDI / Wireless Torpedo Remote connectivity for effortless control of all editable parameters 
  • XLR DI Outputs with 3 routing options: STEREO, DUAL MONO, Dry/Wet
  • Silent playing with an Immersive Headphone Experience
  • Post FX Suite including REVERB, Semi-Parametric EQs, a TWIN TRACKER Virtual Guitarist, an ENHANCER and a NOISE GATE
  • Quick-access SPACE and VOICING controls for switching up your sound on-the-fly
  • Audition 600+ official brand and artist-series Virtual Cabinets via the Torpedo Remote online library
  • Rugged, metal case: road ready and portable

    Brand: Two Notes


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