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Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive

$ 225.00

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condition: MINT

The Triple 7 is a flexible workhorse that will enable you to get the most from your signal chain. You will not find a more purposely designed dual overdrive.

With tons of headroom and wide dynamic range, the G777 is designed to push your amplifier (or other pedals) into saturation while providing flexible EQ options.

The Triple 7 is a transparent overdrive; do not expect baked in Tube Screamer style mid-frequency compression or heavy fuzzed out distortion. This pedal will certainly bring out the best in your chosen pickup/amplifier combination.

Expect gnarly overdrive with both channels stacked and pushed hard; the G777 delivers on demand - when you want it.

Notable Features

  • Boosted power supply with 30 volts of dynamic headroom (+/- 15V)
  • Two mechanically isolated channels
  • Transparent buffered input/output
  • Symmetrical soft clipping
  • Versatile tone stack
  • Unique gain and EQ topology
  • Boost (Channel #2 ) with up to 18dB of non-distorted, post signal volume control

Channel #1 (right side, green LED) is a soft-clipped-boost with a versatile tone stack (EQ), designed to provide the ultimate in tone shaping with only two pots. This channel stacks well with other pedals and is the ideal tool for driving 12AX7's into glorious saturated clipping. Up to 24dB of output. 

Channel #2 (left side, red LED) is a medium gain overdrive designed to be stacked with channel #1 or overdriven by other pedals in the signal chain. The Focus pot gives wide tonal flexibility and the Boost (an active volume control) pot delivers up to 18dB of clean signal output (on top of all the previous gain staging) for overdriving other pedals or pushing the front end of your tube amp. 

Both channels may be used in isolation and are designed to stack and compliment one another for maximum versatility: tons of soft clipped overdrive and dynamic headroom to keep things interesting. Discover what 30 volts of boosted headroom delivers vs a traditional 9 volt power supply. 

The Triple 7 is a unique circuit topology and not a direct clone of any other pedal.

Brand: Greenchild


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