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Benson Amps

Known for hand built, heirloom quality amps and pedals. Benson Amps is based out of Portland, OR and founded by Christopher Benson. Some of our favorite brands come from real musicians, and Benson is no exception! Chris is a producing guitarist who has been chasing the perfect tone, for years. He creates amps that focus on euphonic and clean tones, with an abundance of dynamic range and harmonic richness. Benson Amps goal: "to deliver the last amplifier you will ever want to buy." Judging from the sheer multitude of touring and recording musicians, it is safe to say that they have met the goal... and then some!

As highly sought after as Benson's amps have become, they also produce some incredible pedals that pack in that iconic "Benson" tone they are now known for. Check out our selection below!



Benson's creations are a beautiful thing to behold, both for your eyes and ears! Chris Benson is known for a truly unique tonal experience. The circuitry is his own, not duplicated or mass produced in a factory somewhere. Benson focuses on only utilizing original circuitry backed from 70 years of tradition. Chris also only sources components that he has personally selected, based on quality and tone. This care goes a long ways and is apparent from the first moment you plug-in.

Due to the extremely high demand of Benson Amps, stock can be scarce.. Below you'll see available amps as well as past builds that have come through our store.

Available* Benson Guitar Amps

*If there are no Benson Amps currently in stock... check out our past builds for inspiration.

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Benson Pedals

Benson Tone in a Pedal!

While Benson Amps can be hard to come by, his pedals are often readily available and will absolutely give you the obsessive detail and tone that his amps are known for. The Benson preamp, for starters, is based on their Chimera 30 watt amp... instead of tubes, FET transistors are used. This makes for an extremely amp-like and versatile clean boost/overdrive/fuzz. You still are able to achieve rich harmonics and have access to a reactive EQ... Get to know the rest of Benson Amps pedals, which also share similar traits to his amps!

Available Benson Pedals