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Roadcase Damage Protection Explained


What is RoadCase?

The Sound Parcel offers damage protection when you rent gear. It protects you from having to pay the entire cost of the item and any other liabilities in the event of unintentional damage.

How much will I end up paying for damage with and without RoadCase?

If you do not purchase RoadCase AND the item is damaged, you will need to pay 100% of the MSRP of the replacement item. If you purchase RoadCase, you only pay 50% of the cost of the replacement item or the repair fee, whichever is cheaper.

How do I purchase RoadCase?

By default, RoadCase is INCLUDED with items you choose to rent before you Add To Cart. You have the option to DECLINE RoadCase before you Add to Cart. You will see the total cost of choosing RoadCase in the Cart page.

What is covered by the RoadCase? What is NOT covered?

Specific cases of unintentional damage are covered when you select RoadCase. Lost or stolen items are not covered, neither is water damage. Your renter's, homeowner's, or musician's insurance policies might cover items and/or situations that our policies do not -  we'll leave those details to you.

What is considered damage?

Minor scratches, scuffs, dust, or dirt on the exterior of the equipment which can be quickly cleaned off are considered ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. Anything more severe than this will be considered damage.

Is the equipment in good working order when it arrives?

Of course! We check every item before shipping -- only items that pass inspection and are functioning well are shipped. 

What if the equipment becomes damaged during shipping?

It is unlikely, but anything is possible. We pack all items safely and securely. In the rare case that equipment gets damaged during shipping, contact us immediately at