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Befaco 25x PURPLE Bananuts


Perfect to code your inputs and outputs with colors or just give a touch of beauty to your favorite gear.


  • Eight colors available following the Buchla/Serge color code: Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green and Black.
  • Anodized Alluminium

Compatible Jacks

  • PJ301M-12 (Thonkiconn)
  • PJ398SM (Thonkiconn)
  • PJ366ST (Green Stereo Thonkiconn)
  • PJ301BM
  • PJ398S-BM
  • PJ301CM
  • PJ302M
  • 161-3502L-E (Kobiconn)

                  Brand: Befaco

                  SKU: BN003

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