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Doepfer A-190-3v USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate Interface (Vintage Series)


Module A-190-3 is a Midi/USB-to-CV/Gate interface that allows the integration of the A-100 system into a USB or Midi environment. It has available 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1...4) and one Gate output. A-190-3 is the modular version of Dark Link.

In/Outputs and controls:

  • USB
  • Midi Input
  • Learn button
  • Gate Out (with LED for Gate display and learn function), 0/+5V
  • CV1: controlled by Midi note messages, 1V/Octave, 0...+5V
  • CV2: controlled by Midi pitch bend, ~ -2.5...+2.5V or ~ 0...+5V (can be selected by an internal jumper)
  • CV3: controlled by Midi velocity, 0...+5V
  • CV4: controlled by Midi control change messages, free assignale controller in learn mode
  • Glide control (portamento function for CV1)

Other Features: 

  • Midi channel, reference note and Midi control change number for CV4 are adjusted by means of a learn button and LED.
  • By means of two jumpers CV1 and Gate can be connected to the corresponding lines of the A-100 bus. That way the VCOs A-110 or A-111 and the envelope generator A-140 can be controlled directly via the A-100 bus, i.e. it's not necessary to patch CV and Gate with cables between the front panels. In addition CV1 is buffered, i.e. even several VCOs can be controlled by the A-190-3 without the need of an additional bus buffer (e.g. A-185-1 or A-185-2).
  • The gate voltage can be st to +5V or +12V by means of two jumpers. For modules of the A-100 both voltages can be used. For modules or devices from other manufacturers the gate voltage has to be set accordingly.
  • If you want to connect the gate output to devices that use S-Trig a special S-Trig cable is available. 
  • By means of the precision CV adder A-185-2 CV1 and CV2 can be added to obtain an adjustable width of the pitch bend. For this CV2 of the A-190-3 is connected to the upper input of the A-185-2 which has an attenuator available. CV1 of the A-190-3 is connected to one of the other inputs without attenuator.

As the A-190-3 user's manual is not yet ready the A-190-2 user's manual may be used temporarily: A190_2_man.pdf. The main difference between A-190-2 and A-190-3 is the additional USB interface of the A-190-3 and the type of LED display. The Midi control functions are the same for both modules (i.e. the function of note, program change and control change messages in learn mode). In the A-190-2 the LED shows the gate function (i.e. LED = on while gate = high / LED = off while gate = low). In the A-190-3 the LED is permanently on and turns off only for a short time when an incoming Midi message is recognized. It's the same type of display as used in the Dark Energy. Actually the A-190-3 is nothing but the modular version of the Dark Energy interface.

          Technical Specs

          • 6 hp
          • 60 mA +12V
          • 10 mA -12V
          • 0 mA 5V
          • 55 mm deep

              Brand: Doepfer

              SKU: DOEPFER-A1903V

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