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Fjord Fuzz LOKE

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LOKE is a virtual reel-to-reel tape deck, a study in short delay times and the interplay between two moving signals. It has full wet and dry controls, both of which can take you all the way into overdrive, as well as random modulation with two parameters for full control and an EXP jack for your delay time.

I think the best way to describe it is just to list some of the effects it's able to produce:

  • Clean preamp tones
  • Clean boost
  • Overdrive
  • Double tracking
  • Parallel drive
  • Beatles-style manual tape flange
  • Random detuned effect
  • Faux reverb
  • Distant whale calls
  • Incredible slap backs
  • Beautiful tape delays
  • Tapey, flangey dive bombs
  • Warped vinyl textures
  • Random chorus
  • Random vibrato
  • Random flange
  • Sudden tape hiccups
  • Stereo widening
  • Straight delays

Full wet delays for your outboard mixing

Many of these can be combined and switched between remotely using an exp pedal and the onboard mode switch system.
It's so much fun. Hours of enjoyment.

Brand: Fjord Fuzz


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