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Greenhouse Effects Drifter Analog Tremolo


Our Drifter is a powerful new tremolo that represents our effort to make effects pedals that are more connected to experience than ever.

A clear and lush analog signal path is brought to bear with some of the most expansive waveform controls ever offered in a compact tremolo. The seven waveforms include not only the standards of guitar tremolo but reintroduce some of our favorite more synth-related waveforms like sawtooth, pulse and random. Three (footswitch) hold functions bring new capabilities to tremolo pedal users and make the Drifter a fully immersive experience for players who can master a more expressive control-set than ever.

Drift Mode
Footswitch Hold spools to max RATE (frequency) at a pace determined by accessing the TIME control. Spool-down to the RATE setting is smooth upon release. Slow TIME settings with gentle application of the footswitch hold can lead to an uneasy tremolo bobbing off course at just the right times based on the users suggestion whereas fast TIME settings offer a more abrupt spool-up for a more immediate and visceral effect. Everything in between these extremes is fully adjust able to get just the right RATE response.

Slide Mode
Footswitch Hold ramps to max DEPTH at a rate determined with the (TIME) control. This unique function has a complex and exciting interplay with with selected waveform. In a traditional sine wave or triangular mode it adds a more impactful feeling to an already present tremolo. Square wave and Pulse modes offer this function a new home where chorded guitar parts can become almost synth-like as the max depth can offer a polyphonic pulse that is more rhythmic than the same setting more lightly applied to make picking rhythms more in focus. In more exotic waveform modes like random, the Slide mode can be used as a pathway to chaos that is incredibly useful as a momentary effect. Keep in mind you can have the DEPTH set to 0 so that the entire tremolo or any presence of it whatsoever is at your digression in real-time using the Slide Mode.

Save Mode
Footswitch Hold (when Drifter is on) saves the existing setting as a favorite (or single preset) allowing the user to take every adventure presented through the features while retaining the setting that is critical for a certain song etc. This preset is fully adjustable if any knob is adjusted but can be recalled as saved at any time until overwritten.

An added Volume is a simple tool but without it, a tremolo, no matter how complex, interesting or unique can be rendered useless in a mix where it is unheard.

The Drifter enters town at dusk with a secretive past and an uncertain future. Will you leave with him in the morning on a dynamic journey where nothing is certain but a steady pulse of danger?

Waveforms Include: Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Sine, Reverse Sawtooth, Pulse, Random

  • Clear and lush analog signal path
  • 7 Waveforms: Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Sine, Reverse Sawtooth, Pulse, Random
  • Three (footswitch) hold functions
  •  True Bypass Switching

Brand: Greenhouse Effects


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