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Hungry Robot Pedals Borderland [LITE] [DEMO]

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The Borderland (lite) contains the same base circuitry and reverb algorithm as its older sibling, but without the modulation options.  It contains the same lush reverb algorithm and retains the three octave mode. It is perfect if you love the tone of The Borderland, but don’t need the complex LFO and modulation options and just want a really solid ambient reverb. 

Pressing down on the right footswitch sends the pedal into near infinite sustain with the trails teetering on the edge of self-oscillation.  The “Effect” and “Clean” knobs allow you to dial in the perfect ratio of wet and dry signals. Adjusting the “Ambiance” and “Brilliance” knobs sets the length of decay and the cutoff frequency of the onboard low pass filter, ranging from a small room reverb to a cavernous, dark hall reverb.

The Borderland (lite) is the perfect for creating lush, ambient textures.  

“Clean” – Sets the volume of the original dry signal
“Ambiance” – Sets the overall decay of the reverb trails
“Brilliance” – Sets the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter
“Effect” – Sets the volume of the wet reverb signal

Toggle Switch
Octave – Enables a three octave reverb algorithm.  Taking the original reverb signal and mixing it in with an octave up and octave down reverb. 

Left – Master On/Off
Right – Sends the pedal into near infinite sustain


  • “Secret Mode” – There is a secret mode that can be selected internally by way of a dipswitch.  This mode replaces the reverb code with delay code.
  • The “Ambiance” knob is now delay feedback and the “Brilliance” knob is now delay time.

Brand: Hungry Robot Pedals


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