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Lincoln ROUTE 45 HD / Coax Digital Cable (Clark SDI & ADC BNC-8 connectors)

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    The Lincoln ROUTE 45 HD Coax Digital Cable is a low-loss, low Jitter precision impedance coax for Word Clock, AES3id, AES10 and other 75ohm digital applications. It effectively eliminates cable-induced bit-rate errors and jitter in the data stream through construction and materials that minimize attenuation, pulse-rounding, impedance mismatches. and internal reflections.

    Don't be taken in by audio marketing hype. The finest coax cables for digital audio are the cables used by all the world's leading broadcasters for transmission of High Definition/ SDI Video. These cables are NOT expensive! But their performance is extraordinary.

    The Lincoln ROUTE 45 HD Coax Digital Cable features Clark Wire CD7506F SDI coax cable-- a high-flexiblity, precision 4.5 GHz RG6 design for HD/SDI, standard SDI or high resolution video and digital audio applications. CD7506F features specifications that meet or exceed SMPTE broadcast standards for high-definition digital video interconnect applications. It utilizes an extra-flexible yet rugged violet TPE outer jacket, dual braided shields and a video grade, stranded center conductor for exceptional flexibility and flex-life. These cables are hand-assembled in with ADC BNC-8 connectors. Acclaimed as the industry's truest 75 ohm BNC, ADC connectors are are built with 100% North American/European precision components.

    All Lincoln Heritage Series cable assemblies are fabricated in Illinois, USA, the “Land of Lincoln.”

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