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Spaceman Gemini IV: Limited Edition OLIVE

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color: limited Edition Olive

The Gemini IV: Dual Fuzz Generator

The Gemini IV: Dual Fuzz Generator houses two distinct fuzz circuits in parallel. One pure silicon, one pure germanium, both epic.

Based on the infamous and now unobtanium Gemini III (circa 2012), the Gemini IV is a redesigned and expanded version, housed in a slightly larger enclosure to accommodate the additional features. Both fuzzes are now fully controllable, with independent Filter controls and full Gain controls instead of switches. We painstakingly recreated the original tones and textures, while tweaking them to sound even better than before.

The Filter controls offer very effective tone shaping capability for single-knob controls. At Noon is a full pass tone, clockwise rolls off highs, while counterclockwise offers a massive mid-scoop (excellent for bass). The independent Gain controls cover a lot of ground themselves, from soft woolly tones to blistering sonic destruction.

The real fun begins when you utilize the Si/Gemix control in the center of the pedal. Here you can blend the two fuzzes to your heart’s desire. Mix the Velcro attack of the germanium fuzz with the smooth sustain of the silicon fuzz and combine Filter controls in different ways. Their interactions create rich, complex textures.Speaking of interaction, the Phase toggle switch gives you a whole new level of control over how these two fuzzes react with each other.

The Gemini IV is fuzz-tweaker’s dream, allowing for so much fuzz creativity and inspiration, with a well-thought-out control set that is easy to use while providing stable tones that are easy to dial in whenever you desire.

Completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon, the Gemini IV is built to the highest degree of quality possible.These are truly hand-crafted tone devices, sparing no detail within or without.

Brand: Spaceman


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