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Subdecay Quasar Phaser v4


Multi-mode Phaser

The Quasar v4 offers eleven modes paired with a simple control surface. An abundance of non-traditional options are on tap. Rhythmic modulation patterns. Sci-fi discombobulation. Envelope speed control.

Traditional phaser and rotary tones are in the box too, but you want more, right? Something different? Something that stands out?

  • All analog phaser.
  • Synchronized tremolo and chopper effects.
  • Active volume regulation. This eliminates the drastic volume disparities typical of many phasers.
  • Wide range of traditional and experimental sounds.

Pure analog tone with modern features.

Subdecay has been designing and building Quasar phasers since 2005. For the new Quasar we explored new territory. We love defying effects conventions and breaking the rules. The Quasar’s next evolution is here and we’ve built in so much more than before.

Many of the new features are normally only found in fully digital effects. A wide variety of options are under your control. Pairing the analog and digital world together means there’s no compromise of analog headroom or that organic swirl that digital units just can’t match.

Powered by an external regulated 9VDC to 18VDC adapter.
Can not be powered by a battery.
Current draw is less than 25mA.
Length 4.4″ X Width 2.3″ X Height 1.0″
Input impedance- 1M.
Output impedance- Less than 1K.
The Quasar is handmade in Oregon.
Three-year limited warranty.

Brand: Subdecay


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