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Third Man x Holeyboard Pedal Board


Put your pedals where you want, and exactly how you want them! Designed over 6 years by a guitarist wanting to create a pedal board solution for everyone from professional musicians to stay-at-home shredders, the Holeyboard adapts to pedals of all sizes easily and efficiently. Designed to be strong yet still thin and light, the Holeyboard travels easily and is incredibly durable for on-the-road musicians.

1) Two levels makes it easy to hit the pedals in the back row every time, no toe dancing.

2) Patented ability to expand and contract and be re-configured to meet your needs now and tomorrow

3) Patented hole pattern allows you to use cable ties to secure your pedals quick, tight, and damage free. Also works with velcro.

4) Proudly made in Minneapolis USA

5) Light and strong aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated

6) Lifetime warranty!

            Brand: Third Man Records

            SKU: THIRDMAN-TMV805

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