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Aguilar V2 Bass Pedals

January 25, 2023

Aguilar Announces Its Latest Generation of Bass Effects Pedals

Iconic Aguilar circuity gets a fresh new look! This latest generation of Aguilar's beloved pedal line boasts fresh artwork, matte black enclosures, and premium machined knobs.

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Fuzzistor V2 Bass Fuzz

Vintage-inspired bass fuzz that conjures 70's distortion vibes and beyond.


Agro V2 Bass Overdrive

Bass overdrive with a wide range of tones, from tube-style distortion to all-out grit-and-grind saturation.

Grape Phase V2 Bass Phase
User-friendly, fat and funky two-knob analog bass phaser.

Filter Twin V2 Dual Bass Envelope Filter
Dual-envelope bass filter that offers a range of tones from classic 70's funk to new and original filter tones.

Octamizer V2 Analog Bass Octave
Analog octave with independent clean/octave volume and filter controls.


Chorusaurus V2 Bass Chorus
All-analog, lush and organic sounding bucket-brigade bass chorus.

TLC Compressor V2 Bass Compressor
Proprietary compression for flexible, transparent, studio-quality compression.




Aguilar V2 Bass Effects Pedals Available Now!

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