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Bananana Effects – Only Extra Ordinary Pedals

January 26, 2023

TSP is thrilled to welcome this fantastic, Japanese pedal builder, to the shop! By the name Bananana Effects alone, you should know what you are getting yourself into... pedals that are ALL about fun and creative expression, without taking things too seriously.

Bananana's mantra: "We only make extra ordinary pedals, not a rehash. New music always needs a new expression. We are happy if our products stimulate your creativity and help you to make the future of music."

These miniature galactic noise boxes are not meant to produce ‘normal’ sounds. Bananana Effects pedals are meant to disrupt and make you scratch your head trying to figure out HOW these sounds are made! But, half the fun of experimentation and exploring is letting their effects do what they do. Each of their offerings feature multiple knobs to fiddle with and some of their offerings include momentary soft switches for more layers of exploration… plus, their pedals are pocket friendly, colorful and will easily fit on your board. If you are looking for a company to inspire and challenge your playing, you’ve landed on the right builder!

Bananana Abracadabra Reverb

Take their “reverb” pedal, Abracadabra... Bananana states it clearly: “This pedal is completely unable to produce natural reverberation. Taking unrealistic reverberation as its concept… with an infusion of specialized technologies that take it completely beyond the realm of (a) reverb pedal.” The Abracadabra seemingly has no end to the sounds you can produce, as well as almost limitless parameters to tweak. The important thing to take away… it’s all about fun!

Some of their other offerings to check out are Matryoshka, which is a Bass synth pedal with 3 channel mixing along with 8 modes and 0 latency! The Mandala, which is a full-featured glitch pedal has a momentary soft switch, which turns it into its own type of instrument. The Aurora pitch shift delay moves your signal backwards and forwards in multiple playback speeds and re-writes what a delay pedal can do. 

Get excited about Bananana Effects hitting TSP, and peel these little wonders open to get a proper taste! 


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