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Bondi Effects

February 02, 2023

Bondi Effects has landed at the shop! Straight out of Australia, Jon Ashley has been building the Bondi brand since 2013. Ashley has taken the company from a hobby to what it is now – highly sought after tone boxes. Every pedal shipped out is still hand built by him and his partner Anna.

Let’s get to know one of their most important offerings, the Sick As overdrive. It is a modern and versatile take on the classic half man, half horse stomp box. If you are looking for the sort of drive pedal that can do in-your-face fuzz and distortion, this may not be your first choice. But, if you are interested in adding texture and presence, the Sick As may be your go-to Swiss army knife for your tonal needs! It does organic natural sounds extremely well. You may choose to have Sick As take care of your clean boost needs, but will also dirty up a decent bit, giving strength to your sound.



From Bondi: “The Sick As Overdrive is a diversion from the well-worn path, taking its basic structure from the Klon Centaur® but with some major improvements for the modern player. The gain control serves a dual purpose— as the gain is increased, the ratio of gain-to-clean tone increases as well. This ensures that when the gain is rolled off, the tone never becomes muddy and unpleasant.”

You’ll also notice a toggle switch that gives you more control over the type and amount of gain, and headroom. Flip the toggle UP for a more distinct high-gain sound, that is reminiscent of a tweed amp. Flip the toggle DOWN to embrace a more expansive, airy overdrive, that will colorize your sound through extra bass. Your go-to setting for rhythm playing.

Bondi Effects Sick As on amp

Like any excellent pedal builder, Mr. Ashley is always working on the next effect. Stay tuned to their latest offerings. We are excited to have Bondi join our curated collection of builders from around the world.

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