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Cornerstone Music: Imperium | Gladio | Aquarium | SC

April 23, 2023

Cornerstone's Vision: "Design and make pedals to help guitarists find new inspiration and, ultimately, improve by less tweaking... and (more) playing." Emilio certainly brought his vision to life! Each of Cornerstone's pedals are testament to that statement. Family owned and led by Emilio and Linda (husband and wife), CS believes in simplicity, which is found in each of their designs. Each pedal has been conceived and built out of passion, from the north of Italy. Instead of opening an owners manual, each of their pedals can be easily understood almost immediately. Get to know a handful of their brilliant offerings, below!


Cornerstone Imperium

IMPERIUM | Double Preamp 

Two classic sounds, enclosed in one stomp box. Meet the IMPERIUM. John Mayers's Screamer tone mixed with Robben Ford's Dumble tone (Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison – to name a few of his collaborators). With the IMPERIUM, you have the opportunity to activate each channel independently or stack them for a sound all on its own. If you are already familiar with Cornerstone's other offerings, this is a mix of their Gladio SC preamp and Antique drive. Tone quality? "Powerful yet dynamic. Creamy yet defined. Full yet not dark." Available now!



Cornerstone AQUARIUM vibe


AQUARIUM has been deeply influenced by the legendary, Univibe. Cornerstone wanted to design a 'vibe that nails down the three-dimensional chorus / vibrato tone of the original classic, while keeping to their vision of simplicity, tonal flexibility and the convenience of a pedal board friendly package! And they achieved their goal while keeping their circuity 100% analog... Click above to learn more about its full feature set!



Cornerstone GLADIO double preamp

GLADIO | Double Preamp 

The design goal on the GLADIO? Dumble. From Cornerstone: "GLADIO is an Overdrive with a realistic tube-compression behavior to mimic the Dumble's famous preamps saturation, still always retaining a rich touch-sensitive response." With two channels to choose from, you have added versatility, since each channel is voiced completely differently (while also complementary). Which means you have options and a galaxy of tones to choose from. Click above to learn more about each channel and their uses!



Cornerstone GLADIO SC Preamp

GLADIO SC | Preamp 

The GLADIO SC (Single Channel) preamp is designed in the same vein as its big brother, but with a smaller footprint. This little guy is tuned more towards the range of Stevie Ray Vaughan, or in other words, utilizing Channel 1 of the full size Gladio. Learn more of Gladio SC's features by clicking above!


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