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Diamond Pedals are BACK!

June 22, 2023

Most likely you know about, or are a huge fan of this excellent Canadian pedal brand, Diamond Pedals. A couple years back, during pandemic, they had to shudder their doors and halted production. MUCH to the chagrin of the pedal and music industry. For instance, what would Tame Impala sound like had they never heard or played Diamond Pedals? And that same question could be asked for many bands, across the globe. Here we are in 2023, and Diamond's doors are open again, thanks to some passionate builders and the clear need to keep this legendary brand alive! 

Diamond Pedals have 5 new offerings, all with the same updated footprint... compact and very pedal board friendly. All 5 based on Diamond's original designs. Fortunately what was NOT reduced, is the tonal and build quality. Diamond Pedals has still been conceived, designed and manufactured out of beautiful Quebec, Montreal! Below we have a brief explanation of each of their 5 offerings. Get excited for this fantastic resurgence!


Diamond Pedals COMP/EQ


COMP/EQ | Compressor

A highly sought after classic. The latest generation of their Compressor (COMP/EQ) maintains the original circuit while increasing the total range and functionality.

Hear what Diamond has to say: "Rather than mess with perfection, the Diamond Comp/EQ augments the original yellow box design with a new Mids boost/cut control, Attack switch, custom spec'd, US made opto-isolators and modern, quiet switching." Click above to learn more of the features in this little yellow box!




Diamond Pedals Bass Comp/EQ


BASS COMP/EQ | Compressor

Compression built and designed for the modern bass player. The ability to find the perfect response from compression is tough on bass, but once achieved, it makes it difficult to put your guitar down. This bass focused yellow box gives you the ability to find that sweet spot, with ease!

From Diamond: "This bad-boy will go on your board, and never come off. This next-gen compressor maintains the classic circuit architecture while increasing range and functionality. Now armed with 3 Tilt frequencies and a +/- 10dB Mid control, the new EQ section allows you to sculpt your tone in the same box that master's it (that’s a good thing)."




Diamond Pedals Drive Overdrive


DRIVE | Overdrive

An update to their first proper pedal, DRIVE! This time, they've stayed true to the original circuit while making some welcome improvements... creating an even more versatile and incredibly useful overdrive. Perhaps an always-on drive. 

From Diamond: "Distilling the most desirable and functional elements of the original J-Drive, Blaze and Fireburst pedals, the Diamond Drive combines a warm and wide-ranging overdrive built around a Premium Sound Burr-Brown Op-amp with a dual band, post-gain active EQ." Learn more by clicking on the image!




Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Delay



What is dBBD? Digital Bucket Brigade Delay... Meaning, Memory Lane was built off the original circuit, now offering double the delay time and the ability to have analog style, modulated delay or a pristine, clean delay. Diamond injected some magic utilizing this chipset. If you are familiar with the original, this will keep you grinning! But, now it has a much smaller foot print, draws far less power and extended frequency. What would we call this? A win-win!

From Diamond: "The Memory Lane's original fixed sampling rate delay line has been augmented with a new warm delay mode offering vintage BBD style variable sampling rate, warmer repeats and a 1200ms maximum delay time for gorgeous ambient delays as well as a new vintage mode designed to capture the magic of analog BBD delay pedals. Variable sampling rate, snappier repeats and 50ms-550ms delay times inspired by yesterday's big box delays." Learn more by clicking on the image!




Diamond Pedals Tremolo



If you think you know tremolo effects, this offering may make you think twice. Diamond Pedals has delivered a feature packed green box of wonder. You can even use this as a kill switch for your playing. Plus, it sounds fantastic, thanks to a fully analog signal path.. which creates a warm and natural vintage amp style optical tremolo... but with a few twists and turns. 

From Diamond: "Combining 3 distinct trem flavours into one pedal, the new Diamond Tremolo takes what it means to be a tremolo and pushes it well beyond the limits... Further enhancing the pedal, a modern FET chopper delivers a sharp edge, completely killed, tremolo effect and a new Dicer mode allows you to arm the pedal and use it as a momentary kill switch... The updated Diamond Tremolo will be your go-to tone warping machine. " Learn more by clicking on the image!


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