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GFI System Duophony - Mix, Mash & Modulate

February 10, 2023

GFI System just released a new effects tool! At first look, you may not be able to decipher what it does. So, let’s briefly explore what this mystery box is all about!

GFI’s description: “The GFI System Duophony is a mono/stereo parallel blender pedal of unparalleled depth and flexibility, allowing the user to blend two separate signal chains of any kind in myriad different ways.”

GFI Duophony

In action and practice, what does that mean? Well, you are in for a treat. The Duophony does not produce its own effects… instead it will mix 2 separate devices in many ways! Let’s say you want an effect that is aethereal yet full of gauze and grit, while keeping focus and detail in effect… the Duophony will help get you there. Place this between a gnarly fuzz / distortion (Death By Audio’s Fuzz War, perhaps) and a modulated reverb pedal (AC Noises’ Respira). Ordinarily, one may overpower the other. With the Duophony, you can blend the right amount of mix together, so you hear JUST the right amount of gauzy, gritty texture, while allowing the shimmery sparkled reverb to float through without taking over. You can also add extra dry signal to really keep your tone focused and accurate. That is just one combo! How about an aggressive distortion (Boss MD-2) matched up with an overdrive (Bondi Sick As Overdrive). And you now have a brand-new character of grit that can be tweaked in ways you could have only imagined. You can also run both signal chains in Series or Parallel. 

GFI System’s Duophony begs for experimentation and tweaking. If you find a combo that is optimal, save it as a preset so you can always go back. Also, the controls are a departure from the normal. The center circles are touch controlled while all knobs can be pressed for more menu options. Take one for a spin and watch as it breathes new life into your pedal board.

Available now!  

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