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Introducing... Greer Amps Black Mountain Crunch Drive

January 24, 2023

Greer Amps is at it again… putting a whole genre of amps into a pedal board friendly format. Anyone that has been keeping up with Greer will know they are known for their texturized tone that has the capabilities of peeling your skin back! The Black Mountain is born out of that passion for vintage / searing lead tones. This one is flavored after post-Plexi era British amps. If you’ve ever played through a vintage stack, you’ll know it begs for volume and riffs.

Where did the Plexi come from? Pete Townshend… he asked for a louder amp, and Marshall delivered. They built him a prototype with four KT 66 valves and TWO 50 watt transformers. One hit of a chord and it was clear, this was a new kind of beast. But to crank things even further, they replaced the two 50 watt transformers with two 100(!!) watt transformers… while switching the valves to EL34’s. And the Marshall crunch was born!

If you are curious of the tone, just pop in “The Darkness’ Permission to Land,” as Mr Greer pulled inspiration from the crunchy tones found through the album! 


From Greer:

“Looming large, like the towering behemoths of full stacks of yore, the Black Mountain Crunch Drive roars to life, bringing new dimensions of vintage tone to guitarists (and bass players, too!). This new crunch drive is rooted in a tone quest for the sound of one particular recording of a crunchy British amp, but it has flexibility beyond just that sound. From simply adding crunch, to getting that famous midrange snarl and growl… the Black Mountain Crunch Drive has a natural, amp like crunch to it… The two clipping diodes responsible for the drive in this circuit are purposefully imbalanced, selected to impart the proper texture and crunch for this circuit.”

Greer Amps Black Mountain Crunch Drive Available Now!

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